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Optimistic – Positivist… First step given!

So, here I am!… writing my first post to help you find the way to success. And… there you are… reading it!… (and that’s the part that excites me the most!… since this is the beginning of our way together! So you make this takes sense!)

Think about you…

Are you the same person every single day?… Before any situation?… Is it easy to keep the same smile the whole day… or in the opposite case… is it easy to keep being so serious all the time?.. Ain’t there anything that can make you dream or look at the sky with the eyes shining?…  Well, I know the answer is NO, and that’s the most usual one.

Nowadays, according to the general situation we all live it’s possible to see the different facets we have with every happening, so much so, that you can even know perfectly your personality, but occasionaly, each event that shows more to people about you, can make them feel confused with respect to that. They can think you’re not the same person under different situations.

And well, we were born and raised with a culture of “constant change”… and with that, we get used to thinking about resolutions… for example the new year ones.

“I’ll wake up earlier”… “I will go to the gym to lose weight”… “I’ll get a great job”… or… “I will buy a new house”… are common resolutions we think to do for next year, month or week… and sometimes we get them, but, most of them, it’s not possible to reach our own expectations… why? have you ever thought about the reasons?.. Well, that’s what I want to write about today.

A big part of our thoughts classified in one of this categories:

■ Positivity

■ Negativity

■ Optimism

■ Pessimism

But… what are they about?

Positivity is, basically, seeing every activity in a  beneficial way… seeing the world with winning eyes. It also has a tight relation to faith and confidence in yourself.  To think that everything’s going to work perfect all the time is not easy, nor makes sure that it’s going to be like that, nevertheless, it gives us a bigger conviction and inner strenght to try… and it brings more chances to get it!

Negativity, which is a sadly usual behavior we have all had somehow, is absolutely different. It’s related to the moment we think of the consequences of our actions, and we do it according to the situation or environment around us… we are used to setting our thoughts up based on the experiences of others who have failed trying to do the same.  Then, of course, the things will not be seen in joy.

Let’s see the Optimism. The origin of this word is the latin “Optimum”, which means “The best”… so, it is a good way to see your goals… You will get only the best results of any situation, no matter what other options you have there, you must only consider the best one.

Now, in contrast, we find the Pessimism. This one makes you take into account only the bad life situations and consequences, and that’s the point where you fall into a vicious circle of unhappiness, attracted by, principally, the predisposition to failure.

After these definitions, I hope you have in mind the same question I would… “what’s the best choice for me?”  Some readers would say “Obviously optimism and positivity”, but there’s a possibility that you might doubt about the negativity and pessimism, based on the pretext that there must be an equilibrium between right and wrong.  Well, let me tell you you should reconsider your thinking, as you are only restricting yourself from higher goals.

So there you have it… your first thing to do… think! wonder a lot, and decide!..

Welcome to the path to personal success.

 February 26th, 2016  
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