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How to Overcome Negativity and Pessimism

Daily, I hear comments of pessimist people, such as: “I do everything bad”, or the equivalent phrase: “Nothing comes out well”… “I don’t understand why everyone can do it except me”… and I say pessimists since it’s evident that these people can only see the worst for their own lives.

Same way, negative people claim: “I will never get it”, “there are others who are better than me”… “You can’t do it! No one has ever been able do it”… and the most common answer when you ask what’s new… “nothing, everything’s the same way”

Do you believe that thinking in that way is going to be good at something?  I mean… have you ever heard from a successful business man’s mouth a comment like that?

Basically, improving our lives depends on changes we make to the most normal daily actions, and the thing is that in our activities we are usually expressing what we feel, even when we do it for ourselves with our thoughts.  Well, changing something as simple as an answer like: -how are you? how’s it going?- GREAT! EXCELLENT AND IMPROVING…  and harmonizing your inner communication with the object of increasing the self-confidence and self-esteem can take you to visualize big changes in what is around you… people are going to notice it.

Now, we already know what the opposite of negativity is…

Some people dismiss the power of positive thinking just because they don’t know the big benefits it brings to our lives and because they think it’s only about having a blind optimism.

But, opposing that, this is what positive thinking means:

■ To know consciously what your actual situation is and what you can expect of the future.

■ To know the best and worst possible scenarios that you can get as a result in a certain situation.

■ To know how you, with your skills, can influence such results.

■ Convince yourself that you can do your best and that the result doesn’t really matter.

■ Do a complete self-analysis to measure each time better your positive expectations.

To think in a positive way is more like believing that we are happy. It’s about choosing carefully our thoughts and mold our lives consciously; even, re-programming our minds has an essential role in this aspect of personal development.

Changing your beliefs and reactions before some situations is critical to modify your thoughts.

On the other hand, your personal relations and the way the communication media (such as tv and press) have a big influence on you, a deep impact in your life and that’s not something you shouldn’t take carelessly.

It’s time to start changing our mind, bring the positive thinking is the goal to achieve.

So I suggest an exercise:
During the course of a few days, try to see the differences between the expressions of those people you consider successful, and the ones who are not. You’ll be really surprised! The discrepancies are huge!

My proposal for you today is that, at least, you try to spend less time having negative and pessimist thoughts and, at the same time, familiarize yourself with the people who are successful day to day… many of them branded at the beginning as insane people.

Well, our brain processes thousands of thoughts a day… and it’s easy to realize that if we improve our way to think and see the world, you will not only have a change inside but it’s possible to change the world around you too!

I sincerely wish success to you in this process for you to get all what you set your mind on, since I can uphold that it’s not impossible.


 February 28th, 2016  
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