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Strategies to Keep the Positive Thinking

Now you know how to avoid the negativity, but remaining positive might be harder than expected. As in any race, being the first is not easy, but keeping in that place is the real challenge.

So let’s talk about the strategies that I consider excellent to keep our positive thinking.

“I’ve lived through some terrible things in my life, some of which actually happened.” -Mark Twain

With this, Twain referred to the fact that usually the problems seem bigger than what they really are, and all of this happens only inside our unconscious minds.

How many times have you realized that what makes you worry doesn’t actually happen? And in the worst-case scenario, the problem is not as big as you thought at the end?

That happens a lot and to all of us, but if you focus on the present, you can minimize your worries and fears about what could fail, that usually brings negative emotions and thoughts.


Many people complain about the weather, work, partners, and neighbors. All in all, we often complain about every single thing.

However, it is good to remind ourselves that our words are formed by our thoughts, and the more we look for positive things to say, the more our minds are impregnated of such positivity.

Make an effort to commit yourself to positive thinking, so that you have an inner conversation  every morning: “What’s the goal to achieve today? What will I do when I get there? How will I avoid the negative thoughts?”


Being positive doesn’t mean thinking that the world is perfect and there won’t be obstacles, on the contrary, it means accepting the fact that all in the life needs an equilibrium. Start taking action today. Get your yearly physical. I live in Bloomingdale IL and I know what procrastination looks like. I found a dentist in Bloomingdale and just did it.  I opened an investment account and started depositing a part of my paycheck automatically every pay day. I went to the gym and got a membership and made sure I just made it in there.

It might be hard at the beginning to let go the need of perfection and control in your life, but many times it makes you free simply admit that things will not always go as expected and that that’s not bad at all.

Sometimes, some situations are out of control, but instead of wasting energy in negative emotions because of that,  you shall better accept the thing were not the way you wanted them to be and start analyzing what you could do in a better way the next time.


It’s a reality that human beings try to be similar to the people they have around. So, the more you spend your time with people who have a positive mental attitude, you will feel the way you think and act are infected by them.

Don’t you ever underestimate the power of laughing, that is a wonderful way to reduce stress. Connect with those who are around you and usually feel good and make people feel good indeed.


One of the best ways to feel more positive, is to do something for your community.

It can be really inspiring to help others, either through the use of your time, skills or, even, financing something for them.

The good and satisfying feeling that come when you marking the difference in someone else’s life can help you escape from your own actual problems and, even, you could see those problems in a different way.


Developing a curiosity for the world around us and the people in it is a great opportunity for your personal growth. No matter what the situation is, you can always learn something from it.

Taking a real interest in your life can fill you with energy, and also help you create new ideas, maybe a different way to think before the happenings, so this way you can grow a better mentality.

Now you know that keeping the positive thinking will not only make you happy, but others too!

Keep positive!


 February 28th, 2016  
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