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3 Things You Must Do if You Want to Live Better

I’ve decided to write about a couple of mistakes we usually make…

There are a few habits that can make us become unhappy and messy if we let them come in our lives.

My goal is to give you a few useful tips with which you can break free from these destructive habits.

Above all, I want you to discover the power of simplicity, especially if you think that your life is complicated.


1. Stop Thinking So Much

This habit is known as “paralysis for analysis” and the consequences it brings are incredible… A hard wear for your energy and your time.

If you must decide between doing one thing or not, or between doing one thing rather than another, set a short time limit to define what will happen.

In the case of simple decisions and routine ones, you should not take more than 5 minutes at deciding. And if it’s something bigger or influential, then I think that in one afternoon you can consider all the angles needed to decide.

On the other hand, I do not know if it happens to you, but in my case is more difficult to concentrate and think clearly to make a decision when I have hungry or when and prepare myself to sleep.

Detecting if there is also in your life times in which it’s much more complicated for you to make decisions without getting “paralyzed”, will help you avoid such situations and therefore be more efficient when you need to plan or decide an action.

2. Keep it Simple, Don’t Complicate Yourself if it’s Not Necessary

As we keep immersed in the routines, either from work or school, or in our home with our daily duties; we think that our life is really complicated … But it should not be like that.

Every day, or every time you must decide on an action, just think for a moment about the impact that this will bring to your life in a short, medium and long term.

If it will not mean anything in the future and you can avoid it, then replace it with something more meaningful. And of course, keep in mind when deciding the meaning of something that  resting and fun without excess or abuse, is favorable to health and happiness.


3. Do Not Suppose So Much… That Just Brings Stress

This I think is the most stressful and exhausting habit of all people, and certainly one that manages to complicate life by 110%.

Suppose about people, what will happen if you do or stop doing something, how others interpret what you say or think, etc., are things that occupy unnecessary space in your mind and do not bring anything positive because you remain in the same uncertainty with which you started.

Make your life easier by adopting the habit of asking people rather than supposing things from them, adopt the habit to dare, to be honest, to try what you think and see what happens.

Obviously there are moral, ethical and legal limits on what we think to do at some point, but you already know those limits and I’m almost sure that your assumptions have remained in the acceptable range, so check them and do not wear your mind more thinking in what will happen.

 May 21st, 2016  
 Self Development  
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