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5 Things You Need to do to Keep Positive

We are not inundated with positive images, thoughts and ideas that help us with the success we desire every day. In fact, it’s the opposite. Negativity is a more usual and “attractive” behavior in human beings.

It’s just enough to watch the news or read the newspaper to see how many positive stories there are. If two or three among 1,000 publications, they are many.

Negativism is something that draws the attention of average people.

The fear and worries, keeps people hooked to the media. With so much negativity surrounding us, it is not difficult to think that many of us gravitate around it, filling our conducted minds and stress.

The truth is: negativism will not get you anywhere.

The key to progress in life, your career, your relationships, and your personal development, is to keep positive. Keeping positive is really difficult and it is much more difficult to determine whether or not we are being positive, depending on the environment in which we find ourselves.


Here I offer 5 tips to stay as positive as possible:

1. Stop Doing What Does Not Make You Happy

This is number one on the list, for a simple reason: we spend much time and energy to dedicate ourselves to things that simply do not make us happy, and do not see the connection of those things, our happiness, our fulfillment, and our dreams.

The premise is simple: dedicate yourself to what makes you happy, leaving aside everything else. Even if what does not make you happy is your job, your partner, or your studies. No excuses, whatever the activity you do, and that makes you unhappy, you must REMOVE IT.

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2. Surround Yourself With People Who Help You Grow

Apart from eliminating the negative, and those things that don’t make you happy, it is essential to advocate for people, activities, and places that allow you to grow, be happy and effectively reach the fullness that you desire in life.


3. Check How You Perceive the World

When you want to make the transition from a negative to a positive perspective, you need to invest time thinking about how you analyze and perceive the world around you. Your way of seeing things can be decided and consciously changed.

Once you realize this, you can certainly spend more of your time in being positive, to see opportunities and possibilities you have in life, and stop thinking that the world is destroyed, or going its own way to perdition.


4. Realize You Have the Ability to Change Your Destiny

This is one of the most difficult things for most people. Again and again I hear people say “I can’t do it, it does not depend on me.” And they couldn’t be more wrong. It’s incredible, people think they have no responsibility for what happens in their lives, and rather choose to leave that responsibility to a superior being, to others or to luck.


5. Do Not Seek Happiness Outside of Yourself, Things or People

One of the things I used to do, was seeking happiness outside of me. I was unhappy, and thought that with others, or even at purchasing things, I could achieve increase my level of plenitude. It was just a matter of time before I realized that this was totally false. A great work is needed to create a positive mindset, and reach happiness. And all that work must be done within us.

However, if you commit to your happiness, and your positivism, it is extremely possible to achieve what you wish, disconnecting you from everything that can negatively affect you and plugging your life to the sources of positive energy.

 May 21st, 2016  
 Self Development  
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