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About me

Welcome everyone, even me, to my new challenge (which I hope becomes yours too).

Well, I will tell you that, from now on, I want to dedicate a big part of my time to writing. This is my new blog and I want to see how far I can go.

For me, personal development can also be called “life”.

You know, there’s no step you can do without envolving who you are…

And… who are you?

You are the way you smile, the way you speak, the way you move and the way you think at any moment of your whole life.

Every single day, when you wake up… is the way you open your eyes and see all in joy or in disgust that new morning, the same way the life looks at you… So it’s up to you being a good friend with her or being declared enemies.

Look at the mirror and see beyond. Stare at the way your eyes shine today. And just in case it’s not your day, don’t you stop looking for that bright inside, cause that will be the light that will guide you to the way out of your problems.

Did you find it?… I really hope so… since I’m going to work hard at giving you my best advice to keep your spirit alive… in every single thing you do… You’re a whole universe that needs to be –armonizado– to get your goals.

Stay with me on this journey to a successful daily development of yourself.

This is Nori Bare… from nowhere… from my own place… wishing to help you become happy in all of your stages.

Nice to meet you!

 February 11th, 2016